The GFS Rights

The Greater Flemington Soccer or GFS blog is reserved for public viewing. We all have the rights to all published articles in our website blog. We do not publish copied articles on our blog. We do not allow our articles to be copied and posted on other sites without our permission and without our name given credit. Any individual, who will be reported for copying our published articles under their name will be subject to investigation because we believe that such action is against the law.
We, at the GFS team, are very strict in publishing our write ups. Our editorial team works hard on checking and validating the originality of our content. We all aim at publishing articles that were originally composed by our writers and contributors. After the submitted articles are verified to have original content, then it will be ready for publishing.
Our website blog aims at adult party goers, but we do not publish censored and x-rated contents. This means that we disallow publishing articles with malicious and sexual contents. We may have some adult words mentioned, but not used sexually in the article. This is a website blog only for adult party lovers, but not meant for any type of cyber abuse.